Pilot: Art Fund round 4 is now closed. thanks everyone who applied!

Round 4, 2023-2024 is awarded to:

Paula McLean

Sophia DeJesus-Sabella

Out each Autumn, the fund draws numerous applications and interest from artists from all over North America and Europe. Round 4 of the fund awarded two artists from anywhere, identifying as a woman, queer, trans and/or non-binary, an entire new year of the art list as well a small unrestricted fund of C300$ each.

Previous awardees:

Pilot: art list free year 2019-2020 awarded to:

Natalie Hunter

Pilot: art fund round 1, 2020-2021 awarded to:

Tiffany Wollman
Justine Skahan

Pilot: art fund round 2, 2021-2022 awarded to:

Laura Kay Keeling
William Henry Felinski

Pilot: art fund round 3, 2022-2023 awarded to:

Narong Tintamusik
Shelby Charlesworth

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