Who’s the art list for?

There are hundreds of people in the arts subscribed to the list from different areas of the world, mostly Canada and the USA, basically anyone looking for paid art opportunities. This includes artists, curators, gallery directors, University gallery and studio programs, residency directors and residency programs, architects, designers, architecture and design studios, etc.

Gift subscriptions or sponsorships

The Pilot Art List occasionally gets gift subscriptions from either other artists or organizations that want to give the list to another person, sometimes they are direct, and sometimes they are open. If you would like to give a gift subscription to a specific artist or sponsor the art list for another artist, get in touch at hello@pilotartlist.com.

Is there one list that comes out per month or two lists that come out per month?

There are two different lists that come out every month: a list on the 1st and a list on the 15th of every month. Every single list has at least 25 new calls that come out and includes the active carry-on calls from previous lists, for a total of around 80 to 100 calls. Most subscribers are signed up to the 1st of the month art lists.

What are Pilot Art Mega-Lists?

A Mega-List will come out once a season, and it is the one list that comes out on the following four days of every year: September 1, December 1, March 1, and June 1. A Mega-List has double the number of new calls that come out compared to regular Pilot Art Lists. Every subscription includes the mega-lists.

Do I need to pay for a subscription?

While you can get a list for free, The Pilot Art List doesn’t have a free subscription program, or at least not right now. You can get free lists here and there, so just send an email if you can’t pay for a list. Also, It’s not uncommon for an artist to send an email and ask if another person or art organization can sponsor them for a year subscription. Get in touch by email.

Why does the art list charge a 5$ or 10$ subscription fee?

The art list doesn’t run on ads and doesn’t rely on any other source of income. If you’ve noticed, a lot of art lists that are in current circulation run on ad revenues without any kind of filtering system or any kind of questioning in place for the good calls that actually pay artist honorariums VS. the pathetic calls that don’t pay you anything or very little. By the artist paying a subscription fee, you are paying for extreme researched quality content on only the good and the great calls that are funded and pay honorariums.

I don't use Stripe. Do you take e-transfers?

If you are based in Canada, the studio takes e-transfers, just send an email to hello@pilotartlist.com before you send an e-transfer. Price amounts remain the same for e-transfers and Stripe.

How are the calls chosen?

(Nathalie Quagliotto here) I’m the only person running the list and I’m also an artist, so each call has to be good enough for me to apply to it. If not, it’s not going on the list.

I know a lot that’s going on in terms of calls, and I know about a lot of calls before they come out. I have an extensive knowledge of 12 years of artist-run-centre galleries, residencies, funds, grants, awards, and public art calls that come out on a daily basis throughout Canada and USA.

What’s your privacy policy?

To compile the art list, The Pilot Art List stores your name and email in an excel sheet associated with your Stripe subscription or account. The art list is emailed out every two weeks for bi-monthly subscribers, and every four weeks to monthly subscribers. The Pilot Art List also has Google Analytics to know which cities visit the website. If you sign up to the art list once or have a recurring subscription, a non-recurring subscription, or signed up to the Pilot Art Fund, your email is also stored for the Pilot Art List news & promotion emails. (Nathalie Quagliotto here) I do not share any private client information with anyone. I work alone on the art list.

I am subscribed to the art list and didn’t receive the list. What do I do?

The list is emailed out using Mailchimp. Sometimes, Mailchimp regards the art list as spam and it can end up in your spam or junk folder, and in extreme cases, the list can get blocked. If you sign up, and never receive a list on either the 1st or 15th of the month, you need to get in touch immediately at hello@pilotartlist.com.

Can I change my subscription to another subscription?

Yes. Just get in touch by email.

Can I cancel my subscription?

For monthly subscribers, yes at any time: Log into your Stripe account and cancel your subscription. The list stops immediately. But if you want a 5$ or 10$ refund, you need to email me. Otherwise you will get the next art list you paid for.

For yearly subscribers, yes at any time: Log into your Stripe account and cancel your subscription and then email me for a refund. I will then calculate the remainder of the year subscription for the refund. There are people who cancel their subscription, and still want the rest of their year subscription but just not have it as a “recurring” subscription. If you do not send an email, I won’t know if you want a refund.

Can I know more about the Pilot Art List?

I was invited to talk about the world of art lists and funded calls on the Hyde or Practise artworld podcast. Have a listen here if you want to know more about the Pilot art list.

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